Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Old Armchair

 You have won........
 A few months ago I decided to hit eBay in search of some vintage furniture. I took up the challenge and attempted a few biding wars in search of some furniture for our new home.  To my surprise I hit it lucky with a cheeky bid and became the owner of an old arm chair. It wasn't just any old chair but  armchair around 110 years old. 110 YEARS OLD, my own little piece of history!!!.

 I decided I wanted to buy an old chair to try my luck at upholstering but Father Jack with his worn fabric and shabby exterior has stolen our hearts including the cat and I just don't know if I have the heart to make you look brand new again.


Prettee Craftee said...

Fabulous chair! How bout draping a cosy blanket over parts of it to add to the shabby chic? Or a few patches? It really doesn't need much done to be honest as its lovely!
Celeste x

Lauren Hillhouse said...

Celeste that's a great idea. I just love that chair!!!.