Saturday, 26 January 2013

Squirrel Nutkin

I have been stuck inside all week trying to get over a rotten cold but cabin fever has set in and I desperately needed to get out of the house today, even if it was just for a short walk. While we were out enjoying the fresh air we came across this little squirrel gathering nuts.  The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter sums up the character of this little squirrel perfectly.
 Here is a snippet from the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.

This is a Tale about a tail
a tail that belonged to a
little red squirrel, and his name
was Nutkin.

He had a brother called
Twinkleberry, and a great many
cousins: they lived in a wood
at the edge of a lake.

 In the middle of the lake there
is an island covered with
trees and nut bushes; and
amongst those trees stands a
hollow oak-tree, which is the
house of an owl who is called
Old Brown.
 One autumn when the nuts
were ripe, and the leaves
on the hazel bushes were golden
and green -- Nutkin and Twinkleberry
and all the other little
squirrels came out of the wood,
and down to the edge of the

They made little rafts out of
twigs, and they paddled
away over the water to Owl
Island to gather nuts.

Each squirrel had a little sack
and a large oar, and spread out
his tail for a sail.

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